Realigning dykes to re-establish tidal wetlands.


Making Room for Wetlands is a restoration project focused specifically on realigning dykes in Nova Scotia to re-establish tidal wetlands where they historically would have been.

Tidal wetlands, such as salt marshes, form the first line of defense during severe storm events, however, the vast majority of these ecosystems have been lost due to dyking, coastal development, and tidal barriers (i.e. causeways). By realigning sections of existing dykes and restoring the natural hydrology and habitats, we are able to better protect our coastal infrastructure in the face of climate change.

Sites for this project have been chosen based on vulnerability of the existing dyke and ensuring minimal impact to landowners and users. Focusing on sites where dykes can no longer be maintained allows us to address potential risks associated with climate change such as storm surges and flooding.

In order to ensure the success of each restoration site, Saint Mary’s University and CB Wetlands & Environmental Specialists (CBWES) follow a rigorous process of pre and post-construction monitoring.

Funding for Making Room for Wetlands has been provided by the the Department of Fisheries and Ocean’s Coastal Restoration Fund.

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