Intertidal Coastal Sediment Transport Research Unit:

  1. Sediment Characterization

    • Grain size of particles by electroresistance

    • Organic Content

    • Bulk density

  2. Hydrographic Surveying

  3. River Discharge Measurements

  4. Water velocity measurements

  5. Suspended sediment concentration measurements

Maritime Provinces Spatial Analysis Research Centre:

  1. Topographic Surveys by Total Station

  2. Topographic Surveys by GNSS

  3. Near-Surface Geophysical Survey by Electromagnetic Terrain Conductivity Meter

  4. Low-Altitude Photography and Videography by Remotely Piloted Aircraft

  5. Software Processing with specialized Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, and Photogrammetry software

  6. Map and Poster Wide-Format Plotting

  7. Wide-Format and Flatbed Scanning