Building resilience to climate change impacts along Canada’s Atlantic coast.


Coastal communities in Atlantic Canada are at risk from the hazards of climate change, notably sea level rise, storm surge, and coastal erosion. These have significant consequences for people’s homes, livelihoods and our economy.

Making Room for Movement is a collaborative research initiative of Saint Mary's University and Dalhousie University which aims to build resilience to climate change impacts along Canada’s Atlantic coast by developing a framework for implementing nature-based adaptation strategies. This framework will guide coastal adaptation practitioners in working with community residents, landowners, coastal resource users, and governments to implement innovative, nature-based alternatives to hard infrastructure.

To situate our findings within the Nova Scotia context we have partnered with CBWES Inc., CBCL Limited, Ecology Action Centre, and Corporate Research Associates.

Funding for Making Room for Movement has been provided by the Natural Resources Climate Change Adaptation Fund.

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