Research & Discovery

TransCoastal Adaptations builds on over two decades of research on the dynamics of coastal systems. We access the most up to date research and ensure that we are keeping up with emerging knowledge and practices surrounding nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation. In addition to being on the cutting edge of the literature, we undertake research in both field and lab environments and ensure that we are increasing capacity through training highly qualified personnel and engaging students in research.

Outreach & Education

We translate research into application through on-the-ground monitoring and assessments to better understand the sites in which we are working. This information is used to help engage communities in discussions around changing landscapes, risks and vulnerabilities, and current and future land uses.

Innovation & Application

We are focused on creating synergies between academia, industry, government and non-profits to work towards on the ground solutions that benefit communities and organizations as a whole. By training highly qualified personnel, we are building capacity within individuals and organizations to work on nature-based solutions throughout the region.